Residential / Commercial

  • Air Conditioning

  • Heating

  • Insulation

  • Cleaner/Healthier air for the home

  • New Systems


  • Repair

  • Maintenance

  • Tune-ups

  • Duct Systems

  • Fix hot and cold spots

Air Conditioning

We offer installation, maintenance, repair and tune up of air conditioning units. (Residential and light commercial)


Air conditioning repair

Sometimes all it takes is a little TLC to get your Air Conditioner back to peak performance. Our technicians stay-up-to-date with the latest service and maintenance practices to assure your repair is done right.

Air conditioning installation & replacement

We offer installation and replacement of air conditioners in all residential and small commercial applications. Did you know that the average life of an air conditioner is 12-15 years? And, if you’re using an old A/C unit, odds are you’re also paying much more in energy (gas and electricity) bills than you need to. In some cases, local utility companies are offering rebates to replace old furnaces, thermostats and central systems. Check with your local utility for programs or call us for details. 

We take our time when assessing our customer’s needs, diving deep to understand how our team, products and services can best help you. We may ask you, “where do you spend most of your time?”, “do some vents seem louder than others?”, “do you have future plans to remodel?”, “do you spend more time upstairs than downstairs?” and more.

Mostly people worry a lot about Equipment selection. The good news is that how happy a customer is with the new system and how reliable the unit is depends mostly on how it is designed and installed. We accomplish this by taking the time to understand our customers needs an wants, and by providing the highest quality standards.  

We have kids that love to turn down the AC as low as it can go too, and a properly designed system can help save thousands (even when the kiddos blast the AC). 

Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality can help reduce allergens, pollutants and most importantly - help get some fresh air flowing through your home. Here are a few things that let you know it’s time to assess your indoor air management:

  • Stuffy or stale air (smells)

  • Rooms with limited or reduced air-flow

  • Dirt or staining around vents and furnaces

  • Too humid or too dry

  • Poor sleep or headaches … not caused by too much coffee before bed or tough days at work :)

The easiest way to know you have an indoor air issue is by walking outside, if you notice you feel noticeably healthier, then maybe it’s time to assess your indoor air. We offer an array of services from air cleaner, filters, scrubbers, system rebalancing and maintenance that can help improve your overall indoor air quality. Ask us, we’re great at solving problems.

Learn more about improving indoor air quality at epa.gov.


We offer heater maintenance, repair, tune-ups, installation, attic-relocation and more. (Residential and light commercial)



“Winter is coming…” and did you know that a tune-up can help make your heating system be more efficient? If you’ve noticed un-even heating spots in your home, it may just be time for a clean-up of your trusty furnace.


Filter replacement

Like your car, your heating and air conditioning system should have the filter replaced on a monthly basis (ideally). The filter helps trap pollutants and keeps debris from clogging the heating and air conditioning system. Besides, do you really want all of that pet dander, dead skin cells, dust and allergens blowing through your house?


Heater installation / replacement

Over time heaters just wear out, it’s normal. Average life is 12-20 years. And, if you’re using an old heater unit, odds are you’re also paying much more in energy (gas and electricity) bills than you need to. In some cases, local utility companies are offering rebates to replace old furnaces, thermostats and central systems. Check with your local utility for programs or call for details.


Get that old dirty duct system out, seal it up and most importantly get the ducting sized properly. Ducting that is sized improperly chokes the system. Let us can take a look. Testing the operating air pressure, ensures proper flow. This is crucial and basic, and so many companies don't do it. No need to fear, TITAN AIR CONDITIONING will properly design it and test it after installation. 

zoning (fix hot spots)

Want even temperatures upstairs and downstairs? On one end of the home and the other? Have areas you don't use and want to save the energy consumption? Ever wondered why there is only one temperature controller for a home but lots of light switches?

A tempurature remodel might be for you. Zoning allows you to create comfort zones that you control with a thermostat for that area yet only one A/C unit. You can even do it from you phone. We help you move your air system to the 21st century.


Want to lower energy costs? Would you like to make your home more efficient?

We can add insulation to your attic or walls. Ask for a free quote. Residential only.

If you’ve had rodent issues, we can help with that too. Rodents can get into air systems, and leave a nasty mess in their path. We can clean it up, sanitize the attic, seal the entrances, air seal the attic floor and put in new rodent resistant insulation, that will give you the buffer you need from the elements to save on energy consumption. Rebates may be available.